Avast VPN Review

Avast vpn review

Avast SecureLine is a popular antivirus program that has an easy to use app interface that works with all major operating systems. Avast SecureLine also provides an option to call for support for customers, as well as a massive knowledge database with tons of content and a discussion forum. It’s not the most reliable VPN since it keeps logs of connections and also has a limited server network.

The service is a great choice for those who aren’t tech-savvy or those trying the VPN for the first time. It is able to connect up to ten devices and works with Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. It’s also very easy to install and offers seven days of free trial, without any credit card information needed. It also has a transparent policy that is easy to access to aid you in understanding the process by which your data is stored.

Its price is high, and its limiting feature set may be a problem for certain users. It doesn’t, for instance integrate with Netflix. Additionally, it only offers a limited number of servers in the US. This is an issue that can be resolved by switching to another service.

Avast is based in the Czech Republic, which doesn’t belong to any of the major intelligence gathering organizations. According to reports, it has ties with the Five Eyes Group to a certain degree. Some people might be hesitant about this, especially considering that the company was once known to have an application called Jumpshot https://bestsoftware.pro/avast-vpn-review that sold browsing history.

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