Investment Fund Management Reports

Investment fund management reports provide investors with the information they require about their investments. They contain investment goals, holding details, costs and performance as well as other information. The need for detail reporting is crucial to retaining existing clients and attracting new ones.

Many investment managers, family offices and trustees rely on a variety of methods to manage their portfolios and report on them. Some utilize Excel spreadsheets to track their money, while others utilize dedicated software. Whatever method is used it is important to have the appropriate technology to ensure that the appropriate data is compiled and released at the right time.

Ideally directors of investment funds should be provided with information and data that allow them to assess the effectiveness of the fees and expenses of the fund, including those relating to the selection and management of portfolio securities. Additionally, the independent directors of a fund should be given the opportunity to examine documents created by experts outside of the fund in connection with the evaluation of service contracts and fee.

To meet these broader requirements to address these needs, the Commission should examine whether it would be appropriate to require certain fee-related information, expressed in dollars, be provided in the fund account statements. This way, investors can have a personalized understanding of the fees they paid indirectly over a given period and can assess the fees they pay against those of other funds.

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