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What Are Big Data Techniques?

Big Data Techniques are a method that are used to analyze large and diverse data sets. The data can be as large as zettabytes and incorporate advanced analytical technologies. It may contain semistructured, structurally structured, and unstructured data. It is produced by a variety of applications and come from a variety https://myvirtualdataroom.net/big-data-techniques-that-make-business-processes-more-effective/ of sources.

Everyday, customers generate a lot of data when they send emails and apps, make posts on social media and react to services or products. They also generate data if they walk into a shop, speak to a customer representative or make an online purchase. Businesses collect this data during the routine of their business and use it to increase customer loyalty and expanding into new geographic areas, or to develop new products.

Data is typically delivered in the format it was in the past. Data is not stored in spreadsheets or databases rather, it is sourced from wearables, social media, and other technology platforms. It is usually unstructured texts, images and videos and does not have a strict structure. This variety has helped put the “big” in big data.

The other characteristic of big-data is speed. This is the speed of data being generated and moved around. When you send a text, respond to an Facebook or Instagram post, or make a purchase on a credit card All of these actions create data that needs to be processed immediately. Big data is difficult to handle because of this speed.

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