What Are the Essential Features of Board Portals for Meetings?

Board portals for meetings are the technology that streamlines meeting-management processes. Modern portals are much more user-friendly than the older software, which offered access to books for board meetings. When you are demonstrating with different portal vendors, you want to have a list of important questions to ask.

What are the most important attributes of a Board-Portal?

Board portals allow you to create and distribute agendas using the relevant documents. Portals make it simple to track voting, resolutions, and action items.

Boards can comment on documents and collaborate in real time, regardless of the device or platform during a meeting. Portals that prioritize security can even offer electronic signatures to speed up document signing, and prevent sensitive data from falling into wrong hands.

Meeting minutes are automatically generated within the portal, eliminating the requirement for secretaries to note notes manually as the meeting moves along. This means that your board can concentrate more on strategic matters and less on the administrative tasks that are part of being director.

Ask about the user-friendliness when contemplating a new https://boardroom-online.blog/how-to-get-a-meeting-with-a-ceo/ board portal or upgrading an existing one. Board members are busy and don’t want time figuring out a new system. Consider features that will make it easier for them to adopt for your board, such as instructional videos, FAQs, remote training sessions, and a single point of contact for technical assistance. Take note of how the pricing structure of your vendor is a good fit into your organization’s budget.

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