Deal Making Software for Capital Markets Firms

Increase your value and make more deals with intelligent pricing optimization. Make sure that your team is armed with accurate pricing data and inventory data so they can make informed choices that help you achieve optimal deal profitability.

Data analytics and AI in real-time can be used to collect and release unimaginable quantities of data, intelligence, and information. This will accelerate and simplify the process of screening and sourcing. This enables firms to scale their research efforts without increasing headcount or the workload of current team members and gives the edge they require to succeed in today’s competitive environment.

Capital market firms can use specific deal making software to contextualize relationships and act on constantly-up-to-date, complete deal information that can drive superior performance. The right platform can provide an all-in-one location that contains all relevant information from financial metrics and relevant comparables, to help your team easily and quickly assess deal opportunities, assess them and close them.

The longer or more stop-and go an entire sales process will result in fewer deals you are able to close. Deal making software can provide the transparency and control required to accelerate the sales cycle. Standardized parameters are established that ensure internal consistency and minimize the risk of missing out on opportunities.

Specialized deal management tools are designed to meet the specific challenges of teams working in venture capitalism as well as investment banking, mergers and acquisitions, and mergers. These solutions, unlike generic CRM tools, which manage pipelines of transactions and guide leads through linear sales funnels. They integrate features such as deal sourcers, project management as well as data analysis and relationship tracking into one seamless interface.

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