Features to Look For in Fundraising Management Software

A top tool for managing fundraising will provide your nonprofit with many online tools that can help you automate and streamline processes. This will save you and your team time and let you concentrate on raising funds to support your mission. You should choose an application that offers reporting and analytics integrated into it or as an add-on to provide you with an entire view of your performance.

When choosing a fundraising software it is important to consider:

Donation buttons can be placed on your website, or in emails. Peer-to-peer fundraising tools allow supporters to form teams and fundraise for you. Crowdfunding platforms that allow supporters to donate items or services. Online event registration and ticketing systems which accept payments from attendees. A tool for e-commerce that allows you to sell merchandise like custom t-shirts for your business.

Qgiv offers a straightforward and user-friendly platform for managing fundraising. It comes with traditional donation forms, peer-to- fundraisers, and text-to-give. It integrates with the most popular non-profit resources such as Double the Donation, Bloomerang and Bloomerang. This is a great choice for organizations that want to expand their donor database and build a long-term relationships. Its pricing tiers start at $0/month and come with a 4.99 percent credit card charge, or you can choose a paid plan that starts https://www.dataroomsources.com/finding-perfect-software-for-fundraising-managing-lps at $19 per month.

DonorPerfect, an online donor management and fundraising tool, aids nonprofits to increase donations and speed up data entry. It also helps them to keep track of important metrics. It also integrates with Quickbooks for you to automatically update your budget and general ledger as new revenue streams in. Pricing starts at $199/month. You can also request a quote for advanced solutions that scale based on donor records.

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