How to Choose a Virtual Data Room

Virtual data rooms (VDRs) are a safe, effective way to share documents and conduct due diligence on M&A deals, have become increasingly popular. But how do you choose the most appropriate VDR to suit your business’s specific needs?

Begin by determining your goals. Then, concentrate on a few VDR providers that align with your requirements. Visit their websites and read their testimonials. Find a user interface that is modern and streamlined with efficiency and simplicity.

After narrowing down your options, ensure that the VDR can fully integrate with the other tools on your technology stack. A well-integrated platform will enable you to quickly move between different applications to speed your due diligence process and other workflows.

Another consideration is whether VDR is the option of a bottom-up or top-down file system. Top-down systems make use of subfolders and logical folders that aid users in navigating files. This format is a great choice for larger projects as well as companies that have to organize data by department or project stage.

Be aware of the security options that each provider provides. Unsecured data is costly and puts thousands as well as millions of people at risk. While shopping, be sure to eliminate all providers that aren’t ISO 27001 compliant and feature two-factor authentication to limit the theft of passwords as well as digital watermarking capability to stop document replication. The top-of-the-line VDR providers also provide 24 hour customer service that is multilingual and can help you learn about the features and functions of their software.

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