How to Get the Most Out of Your Nonprofit Board

A nonprofit board is an essential group of people that can bring life to your organization’s mission. When joining, new members should be thoroughly informed about their responsibilities and roles.

First first, remind new board members that they don’t oversee the day-today operations of the nonprofit. These tasks are the responsibility of the executive director, paid employees, and volunteers. The board’s role is to provide oversight and direction.

To accomplish this, they must be familiar with the organization’s operations and finances. They should be aware of their fiduciary and legal responsibilities and how to evaluate the director and the governance policy of the organization.

New board members also have to be able effectively monitor and manage fundraising initiatives. Some organizations require all board members to contribute financially, while others encourage donations but do not require them. The most successful fundraisers will be those who can identify the best way of making money, and then support the board as they implement it.

To aid them in this, the company should provide board members with a clear description of their role and also regular communication channels which include in-person meetings and remotely using tools such as MemberClicks association management software, to ensure they are up-to-date with what’s happening. The organization should also make it simple for board members to access information by allowing them to access an individual section on the website, where they can access agendas, documents and meeting minutes.

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