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Virtual Due Diligence Rooms

Virtual due diligence rooms are cloud-technology-based platforms that facilitate and expedite the deal-making process. By allowing multiple parties to review documents in a centralized online location, they reduce the time and expense of exchanging physical files and sending emails. When compared to traditional methods they also provide a more secure and efficient method to exchange information.

VDRs are extensively used in a range of industries from financial services to healthcare. They are particularly useful during M&As, capital raising, initial public offerings (IPOs) and divestitures. They let law firms and investment companies to keep, share and access confidential information easily and securely. Unlike common cloud storage solutions, a virtual due diligence room includes a number of additional features that provide more than an archive of files.

One of the key features is document versioning. This ensures that the most current version of the document is always available. A VDR is also designed to prevent unauthorized printing, which can be a huge risk for M&A deals as well as other transactions that are sensitive. The most recent versions of VDRs also come with AI functions that improve efficiency and speed up contract review. DFIN Venue, for example provides a range of automated tools, including auto-indexing and full-text search.

Selecting the most suitable VDR for due diligence involves understanding what features will benefit your specific requirements and goals. Find a platform that offers an easy-to-use interface and integrated support services to avoid spending money on solutions that don’t meet your needs. Utilize the free trials to test out the software and ensure that it is able to meet your requirements.

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