What is a Secure Data Room?

A secure dataroom is an online collaboration platform that simplifies due-diligence, shortens timelines for M&A and deal making while offering complete security. It allows buy-side and sell-side teams to oversee the complete cycle of transactions from beginning to end with confidence.

What is different about a secure digital room apart from file sharing sites like Dropbox is that it’s generally focused on the enterprise with the possibility of grouping users, assign the permissions for them and gain insight into the use of your data through analytics (e.g. when, how and where your data is access). A lot of them offer advanced features, for example, the ability to prevent copying and downloads (a big no-no) or displaying documents in a way which cannot be screenshotted. Many of them have the industry’s top encryption technology to scramble sensitive information and multi-factor authentication to ensure it’s actually the user trying to log in that is seeking access to the data.

The most secure datarooms allow users to download documents in PDF format to view offline. If you permit users to print on physical printers, or save the documents to file drivers to use for other reasons, they’ll lose the protection provided to the original information in the virtual data rooms.

If you can download these files from a data room or other system and then view them without having access to the Internet is not a good idea. This defeats the purpose of using data rooms to store sensitive documents for M&A due-diligence and litigation compliance and other sensitive documents. These documents need to be kept on devices, not transferred to servers. This is the reason we recommend https://getdataroom.com using a DRM solution that locks files to devices and not to servers, making it impossible to extract them from devices or share them.

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