What Makes a Successful Board Member?

Successful board members are committed to the goals of the organization and its clients as well as its shareholders. Attendance at meetings is a top priority, and they actively participate in discussions. They are knowledgeable about the business model as well as the policies and operations of their company. They are aware of the latest developments in their field and industry trends so they can make informed contributions.

They manage their ego and are comfortable working with others. They know how their actions affect other board members as well as the executive team. They can prevent tensions and conflicts that can result in a decline in productivity or even the boycott of board meetings. They can ask tough questions that get right to the root of the issue and help prevent groupthink.

A strong board member is knowledgeable in their areas and are able to offer fresh and useful insights with the rest of the board. They are able to position themselves as a mentor to executives and serve as a spokesman for sensitive topics. They are also good at establishing relationships outside the boardroom and connecting others with new connections.

They are aware of their high responsibility and work to fulfill the requirements. They are aware of issues – financial, management or personnel issues – and take steps to address problems before they become more serious. They are also aware their role is to serve as a strategic advisor to the CEO. They assist them in achieving their goals and maximize their opportunities.


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