Business Processes Related to Contracting and Management

A business process is a set of organized activities performed by individuals or equipment that produces a service or product in a particular order to accomplish an organizational objective. Effective, efficient processes enable businesses to manage their work, maintain their operations, meet goals, and offer benefits to employees and customers.

Business processes related to contracting and management include conceiving, planning, designing procurement, preconstruction construction, commissioning and decommissioning a project. Each of these processes requires a number of participants and agreements, contracts milestones, deliverables and deliverables, as well as responsibilities and risks. They are often complex, time-consuming and labor-intensive. The success of the project is dependent on the effectiveness and efficiency of these processes. The quality of these processes directly affects the employee morale as well as the happiness of customers.

At Corcentric We are frequently requested to assist construction firms to improve their processes with the purpose of improving performance. This is accomplished through an exhaustive review of a client’s existing processes, developing a proposal that outlines how the company can improve its processes with specific objectives in mind (e.g. Reduce cycle times, improve quality. Implement the new procedure. Then, monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the process to achieve desired outcomes and results.

Business processes that are not optimized can cause slowdowns across the entire company. The absence of clear efficient workflows can decrease productivity and result in frustration in the workplace. For example, poorly designed processes could cause employees to spend valuable time searching for essential details and performing tasks that could be automated.

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