How to Prepare a Board Meeting Agenda

An agenda for board meetings is a guideline for productive discussions and effective decision-making. The best way to write an effective board meeting agenda is to follow a template and structure and have the most important sections being called out at the top of the list. The most frequently used board meeting agenda sections include a call to order and approval of the minutes from the previous meeting committee reports, as well as old business and new business.

Make sure that the agenda for your board contains the supporting materials for each item on the list. This ensures that everyone are aware of what is being discussed and allows them to review the information beforehand. Make sure to include time limits for each agenda items, to ensure that meetings don’t go overboard and that important discussion topics aren’t overly discussed or omitted.

Designate a person responsible to prepare an agenda for the board meeting and share it with the other board members before the scheduled meeting. This gives them the chance to go through the board agenda and prepare their responses.

Start the meeting with a call to order, which allows the board chair to welcome guests and give a general update on the progress of preparations for the meeting. Next, approve the minutes of the previous meeting. Review any changes made to the agenda by board members following the announcement of the meeting. Then, a section will be specifically devoted to strategic planning. If necessary the need arises, a closed executive session will be held. The meeting is then closed.

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